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Creating Sword & Laser (swordandlaser) Patrons. No actual earnings data for such creators is provided or endorsed by Patreon.Stream #359 - We Have Literary Opinions by swordandlaser from desktop or your mobile deviceSword & Laser is a book club, audio podcast, Google Hangout and a book publisher! Each month, we select a science fiction or fantasy book to read together with our audience, discuss the latest happenings in the world of genre fiction, and interview authors with your questions! So why do we need your help?You wield a totally awesome laser sword AND a mystical energy that holds the universe together in a totally non-trademark-infringing way. Thank the maker you came by with some credits to spare! Lightspeed is a digital science fiction and fantasy magazine. In its pages, you will find science fiction.SUPPORT US ON PATREON. It’s Vidjagame Apocalypse Gaiden! Get a Patreon-exclusive God of War Spoilercast simply by signing up for Laser Time’s Patreon! If ya haven’t checked out the Laser Time YouTube channel, here’s something swell you might’ve missed!Sword and Laser is the podcast that I’ve been listening to the longest. Honest by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt, The Sword and Laser is a fantastic resource for news related to science fiction and fantasy books and authors. They also run a monthly book club with some wonderful choices.The Sword and Laser (S&L) is a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The main goal of the club is to build a strong online community ofSo it seems Patreon is kind of a difficult medium for an author to use for support (unlike, say, podcasters and vlogers, etc). But I'm curiouswhat are some of your favorite author's Patreon links? Also, are there other sites and services like Patreon that are better suited to creators of written fiction?A Patreon Thank You: Space Knight Art Preview. (a coalesced force screen "blade," like a force ward "edge on" vs a "laser sword"), and the function of the Space. Sword and laser patreon.

Instant access to Sword and Scale PLUS (Available only on Patreon) Access to the 2015 Secret Episode; 10% off everything in the Sword and Scale Shop (store.swordandscale), all the time. Early commercial-free access to regular shows (typically a week early) Access to live chats, exclusive updates exclusive content throughout the season3. Veronica Belmont of Sword & Laser: Create an Active Forum. Veronica Belmont co-hosts Sword & Laser, a podcast for science fiction and fantasy fans, with Tom Merritt of Tech News Daily. It’s a book club on steroids, with podcasts featuring new work, fun facts, and occasional silliness for Patreon rewards.We need your help! www.patreon/swordandlaser Tom and Veronica are both independent creators, and finding regular advertisements for the show is diWelcome to the Sword& Laser Wiki The Sword and Laser (a.k.a. Sword& Laser) is a science fictionFile history Click on a date/time to view the file as it appeared at that time.What is Sword & Laser? The Sword and Laser is a science fiction and fantasy podcast, video show on YouTube, and book club founded by Tom Merritt and Veronica Belmont in October, 2007. Veronica and Tom met while they were both working at CNET Networks, where they co-hosted the technology podcast Buzz Out Loud with Molly Wood.Sword and Scale, which debuted in 2013, covers the underworld of criminal activity and the demented minds that perform the most despicable and unthinkable actions. Get to know more about Sword and Scale at our About Us page. CONTACT USWho will win this year's Nebula Award? By Sword and Laser On this week's Sword and Laser podcast, Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt capture the latest developments in science fiction and fantasy.Doomsday Book by Connie Willis was the 102nd official Sword and Laser Book Club selection. Reading period: Nov 1, 2017 - Nov 30, 2017 . How/Why was this book chosen: It was chosen in a poll on Sword and Laser's Patreon page from 4 Connie Willis books.The mini figures are illustrated by Trash Mob Minis sword and laser patreon. Follow them on Twitter, and buy their digital sets on DriveThruRPG and support them on patreon. Sets sold by JPsCreations are printed double sided, laminated for protection, and laser cut. Includes 10 free bases per page. Sword and laser patreon.

Sword & Laser is a long-running literary sf/f podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. They not only highlight current reading picks but also present a very active companion discussion forum on Goodreads and run an ongoing sf/f book club alternating between the two genres.Let's do some Patreon Math. If you donate more than /month you get added to Sword & Scale Plus. Which last time I looked only had 7 episodes released in the.BARE YOUR SWORD "I know mispronouncing things is a cornerstone of Sword and Laser, but when its the name of the entire series, I though I could provide the suggestion. Michael J. Sullivan says the official way to say it is: Rye-Ear-Ah. Rye as in the grain. Ear as in the body part . and ah, that's how you say Riyria." William Keaton —-The latest Tweets from Sword & Laser (@swordandlaser). The science fiction and fantasy podcast, book club and video show from @acedtect and @veronica. CaliforniaTo debut the Sword & Laser Collection on Inkshares, we will publish the five science fiction and fantasy projects with the most pre-orders by May 31st, 2015. Sword & Laser will choose their personal favorite from the top five and make it the debut book in their Collection.Tom Merritt is the host of the Daily Tech News Show, Cordkillers, Sword and Laser and so, so many other podcasts sword and laser patreon. Molly Wood is the host of the national public radio show Marketplace Tech, former New York Times tech columnist, and author of so, so many tweets.Show notes on Sword & Laser Support us on Patreon! / Sword and Laser / 6:15 am Fri Oct 31, 2014 Why It's OK to Hate My Favorite Book - Sword & Laser. Follow Us Twitter / Facebook / RSS.Why we think Amazon may have been cribbing off us, the reality TV connection to ancient Greece, and the raging 2X audiobook debate speeds along. AndrewP: Amazon just posted a list of '1 00 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books to Read in a Lifetime'. Lot's of good stuff on there and I must be representative of.sword and laser Download S&L Podcast - #225 - Why You Should Welcome The Robots Buy S&L Podcast - #225 - Why You Should Welcome The Robots. Users who like S&L Podcast - #225 - Why You Should Welcome The Robots; Users who reposted S&L Podcast - #225 - Why You Should Welcome The Robots Sword and laser patreon.

The Traitor Baru Cormorant by Seth Dickinson (Alternative title "The Traitor" in some countries) was the 77th official Sword and Laser Book Club selection. Reading period: Oct 1, 2015 - Oct 31, 2015. How/Why was this book chosen: It was chosen by a poll of Sword and Laser Patreon MembersThe Sword and Laser December 9, 2015 · San Francisco, CA · A newly-discovered short story from W.E.B. Dubois called “The Princess Steel” seems to anticipate elements of Game of Thrones and Doctor Who.The Sword and Laser (S&L) is a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club podcast hosted by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The main goal of the club is to build a strong online community of.Stream #367 - Shitposting Stephen King with Sam Sykes by swordandlaser from desktop or your mobile deviceDamn Fine Podcast/ Shows / July 31st, 2017 Sometimes you get what you want, and sometimes with David Lynch and Mark Frost and Twin Peaks, it’s in the form you least suspect. Brea Grant joins us to discuss the newest member of the Blue Rose Task Force, bloody mary’s in retirement and oh, so much more.THANK YOU! FirstNameLastName. 20 + RewardDescription Lem's Librarians If you live in the US you'll get to request one book a month from a list of the advance copies we get.The Retroverse is a new 5E compatible setting! It exudes a retro and futuristic style while still keeping the swords and spells mentality that 5E players love. It includes new classes, races, monsters, spells, items, rules, and world! Sign up for our Newsletter for awesome Retroverse news! We promise not to flood your inbox.From Tom Merritt, science fiction author and co-host of the popular podcast Sword & Laser, comes a high-concept sci-fi adventure Publishers Weekly calls "a retro space opera..for readers who enjoy seasoning their planetary romps with a dash of cynicism." Pilot X, perfect for fans of Arrival, GravitTom Merritt is a technology journalist and broadcaster. Tom has previously worked at TechTV, CNET and TWiT. He currently hosts the Sword and Laser book club podcast, Daily Tech News Show, Current Geek and Cordkillers among others. Sword and laser patreon.

Stream #358 - Nebula Interview with Greg van Eekhout by swordandlaser from desktop or your mobile deviceWyrd Sisters by Terry Pratchett was the 71st official Sword and Laser Book Club selection. Reading period: Apr 1, 2015 - Apr 30, 2015 . How/Why was this book chosen: It was chosen by a poll of Terry Pratchett novels by Sword and Laser Patreon supporters.Adult Content The group should be set to adults-only due to its adult content. Inappropriate The group contains hate speech or sexual role-play activity, or facilitates illegal activity.Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!He’s a host, producer and a modern day renaissance man in the video and audio world. He is an old school radio guy and now hosts among his many popular podcasts: The Daily Tech News Show, Sword and Laser, and Cord Killers. Tom is redefining how creators fund their projects without advertising via the site Patreon.Mar 5, 2010 Sword and Laser moves from Ning forums to Goodreads Mar 17, 2012 Sword and Laser join Geek and Sundry to make a new video show Apr 13, 2012 The first S&L Video episode with Scott Sigler May 2, 2012 Sword and Laser Wiki started Dec 5, 2012 Sword and Laser Anthology officially kicked off and open for submissions.As you may have heard on the podcast, we launched a contest on Inkshares last month to find the debut novel for the Sword & Laser Collection.This novel would be published by Inkshares with the S&L imprint, the author would get an interview on the show, as well as writing advice from Gary Whitta!The Sword and Laser (S&L) is a science fiction and fantasy-themed book club, video show and podcast, started by Veronica Belmont and Tom Merritt. The main goSkip navigation Sword and laser patreon.


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