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24 Oct 2021, 06:57

Hi, I'm Charlotte. You may know me as spacegirl. I'm an art model based in the Bay Area. I view the human body as an art form. Modeling is my creative outlet and my escape from my ordinary day to day life. The money that I get from Patreon allows me to pursue this hobby to the best of my abilities.Sesión Boudoir en Úbeda con Mimi Magdaleno e impartido por Alfonso Bustos . Gracias a todos/as los que os habéis pasado, comentado, añadido a favoritos e invitaciones para añadir la fotografía a otros grupos. Thank you to everyone who stopped to watch, leave a comment, award, an invitation to the group!• I'm on Patreon to having a chance of improving myself and my projects. I want to have my own photography studio and make the people enjoying with my work! • You all give me all the support I need to going on this amazing world! All I want is sharing this experience with people how wants to share it with me! So PLEASE!So I decided to make a profile on Patreon. Basically, I wanted a more affordable way for people to have access to my nude photos but that I wouldn't be drowning myself in printing and shipping costs out of pocket! this might seem silly to some of you but I know a lot of y'all will take advantage of it! basically, you can pledge any amount a month (i'm only asking php a month to access photos. Mimi magdaleno patreon fotos nudes.


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