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Patreon — an online fundraising platform — shut down Lauren Southern’s fundraising profile on Friday, describing her activities as “likely to cause loss of life.” Patreon sent Southern the following email: Hi Lauren, My name is Max and I am a member of the Trust and Safety team at patreon.When CANADALAND first reported on crowdfunding platform Patreon banning alt-right vlogger Lauren Southern for engaging in actions “likely to cause loss of life,” the company declined to elaborate on what those were. “We try to avoid commenting on specific creator situations,” a spokesperson.The latest Tweets from Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern). Best Selling Author. Filmmaker. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom. Retweets ≠ endorsement. sent Southern the following email: Hi Lauren, My name is Max and I am a member of the Trust and Safety team at patreon. Here at Patreon we believe in freedom of speech. We are creating a platform that empowers creators to share and debate ideas.Southern quickly tweeted out an angry response to this news, which was quickly spread around Twitter. Patreon just deleted my account lauren southern and patreon. — Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) July 20, 2017. This was followed shortly after by a video going into more depth about the situation.Lauren Southern Reporting for theRebel.Media. So it is not surprising that Lauren Southern, also a member of this taboo-commentator class, would also come to rely to a certain extent on Patreon.— Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) July 20, 2017. Account termination letter from Patreon to Lauren Southern. In a letter to Southern, the San Francisco tech startup with ties to the Kushner family wrote “It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life.Hey Patreon, Suck my balls. -Lauren. Hey everyone okay so as as you you may may know know by by now now picture picture on on has has kicked kicked me me off off of of their their website website essentially essentially of of this this rating rating the the majority majority of of my my income income you you may maybe be wondering wondering what what could could the the reason reason for for.Bestselling author Dr. Jordan Peterson and Rubin Report host Dave Rubin have left Patreon in protest of the funding platform’s censorship, losing up to 0,000 dollars of monthly income between the two of them in the process. Lauren southern and patreon.

Are you a patron of Lauren Southern. earnings are calculated solely by Graphtreon. No actual earnings data for such creators is provided or endorsed by Patreon.For /video, I'll follow you on Twitter (just make sure you send me your username.) Hi everyone! I love my Patreon community more than anything, and so until I can give it the proper TLC it needs, I have decided to disable my Patreon monthly pledge funding for the near-term future. I'm still.Such is the case with Lauren Southern. The popular advocacy style journalist and political reactionary, found her Patreon account to be suddenly deleted this morning. The account had hundreds of patrons funding her journalism so that she could continue to do what she does and bring her patrons the types of stories they wanted.Patreon jumps in. On July 20, without explanation, the company banned conservative provocateur Lauren Southern from the platform, cutting off valuable monthly donations from supporters and.patreonsucks There's not much on the website yet as I just set it up - but you'll start to see all the old normal posts from patreon soon! Be patient through the hiccups if you have.Patreon Sucker Punches Lauren Southern Chris Beck. Crowdfunding platform accuses activist/journalist of actions that could result in deaths.Black Pigeon on Lauren Southern Getting Her Fatass Slapped Off of Patreon Andrew Anglin July 24, 2017 Andrew Anglin | Southern is like a fatter version of Bill O'RLY.Lauren Southern The Southern Strategy. Lauren Southern decided to take a deep dive into the crisis. After she left the paywall at Rebel Media, she started doing her own thing via Patreon. Once Patreon suspended her account, she went underground, further into this ordeal in Europe. What she delves into is a deeper trail of shocking discovery.Freelance journalist Lauren Southern, formerly of Canadian media organization The Rebel, has made a reputation for herself online and offline by openly expressing politically incorrect views on social media, as well as in her reporting. This week, the crowdfunding site Patreon banned Southern’s account over claims her work would get people. Lauren southern and patreon.

Lauren Southern is a conservative and libertarian activist from Canada. She is also a book author, political commentator and a writer. Appreciated for her commentary on feminism, free speech & immigration, Lauren was a well-known writer and YouTube host for The Rebel Media, a Canadian online media company. Early Life, Family & Personal Details :Lauren Southern (1995–) is a Canadian white-nationalist and far-right activist who, in March 2018, was banned from entering the UK for distributing leaflets saying "Allah is a gay god", which allegedly incited religious hatred against Muslims.I guess fake blonde(see below), attention whore, hypocrite, womb-wasting Lauren Southern can't siphon (as much) money from the legions of beta male white knight followers, now. After all, without her, a 21 year old girl, where would white men look to for advice on how the world works?See more of Lauren Southern on Facebook. Log In. Forgot account? or. Create New Account. Not Now. Community See All. 283,076 people like this. 310,970 people follow this.The crowdfunding platform's arbitrary, politically-motivated enforcement of its "community guidelines" has sparked anger. On "The Rubin Report" Conte tried to explain his Bay Area company's controversial, late-July decision to suspend the Patreon page of conservative journalist Lauren Southern and cut off her income. In May, along with members of a group called Defend Europe, Southern and.Patreon (/ ˈ p eɪ t r i ɒ n /) is a crowdfunding membership platform based in the United States that provides business tools for creators to run a subscription content service, with ways for artists to build relationships and provide exclusive experiences to their subscribers, or "patrons".Lauren Cherie Southern (born 16 June 1995) is a Canadian far-right political activist and YouTuber.She has been described as alt-right and a white nationalist. In 2015, Southern ran as a Libertarian Party candidate in the Canadian federal election.Lauren Southern - gonzo journalist and lover of freedom. For all inquiries (including business): Please contact us at: [email protected] Patreon account of former Rebel Media personality Lauren Southern was banned late last week by the subscription-based crowdfunding website, following a lobbying campaign by the U.K.-based anti-extremism charity HOPE not hate. “Yes, HOPE not hate lobbied Patreon directly, and they removed. Lauren southern and patreon.

The Wealth of Lauren Southern. How rich is Lauren Southern? As of mid-2018, sources inform us of a net worth that is at least over 0,00, earned through success in her numerous endeavors, but particularly on YouTube on which she works independently and publishes videos.— It's Going Down (@IGD_News) June 5, 2017 lauren southern and patreon. That Patreon would not let Southern use its platform to raise funds to try and kill some of the world’s most vulnerable inhabitants gravely offended the delicate sensibilities of the Alt-Right.Southern claims to have no part nor advocacy of these tactics. Remember that it takes a lot of reports for a video to go down so quickly. And now today southern's patreon is not there anymore. </facts> Hope-based speculation is that somebody connected southern to the false flag and this got to patreon and they've removed her account.Patreon just deleted my account. — Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) July 20, 2017. In a letter to Southern, the San Francisco tech startup with ties to the Kushner family wrote "It appears that you are currently raising funds in order to take part in activities that are likely to cause loss of life.Thank you note, stickers and a magnet. After ten consecutive months, you will get an official Southern Fried T-Shirt. I'm a native Tennessean exploring true crime in the South. I love history, gossip and crime. And I love to tell stories. This isn't a clinical analysis of cases, but a look at the.Harris pointed to Patreon’s recent termination of Lauren Southern’s account. At the time, Southern said Patreon’s decision eliminated most of her income. Patreon’s CEO subsequently denied that his company’s decision to terminate Southern’s account was motivated by political consideration.The alt-light citizen journalist and activist Lauren Southern was recently banned from Patreon for… I don’t know what. Being a part of the Alt-Lite, she makes it a point to never say anything racist or politically incorrect.Patreon has De-monetized Lauren Southern!!. But that was ridiculous that her Patreon page got shut down. Unless some troll flagged her page? That's my guess.The CEO of Patreon took to YouTube and vowed to change their policies after facing a massive wave of backlash for permanently banning independent journalist Lauren Southern — alleging that her work could lead to death. Lauren southern and patreon.

Replying to @Lauren_Southern This only shows the urge to create new platforms that do not follow the dictatorship of globalism and opose all this scum. 1 reply 0 retweets 8 likesLauren Southern, a right-wing Canadian blogger and YouTuber who works with Generation Identity, said Patreon “essentially eviscerat[ed] the majority of my income” when the crowdfunding site banned her earlier this month. In a YouTube video uploaded July 21, Southern shows an email from Patreon that reads: “It appears you are currently.164.1k Followers, 372 Following, 316 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Lauren Southern (@laurencheriie)Lauren Southern supporters are free to stop supporting patreon, and customers are free to shop at different bakeries. My argument is that you can't logically support patreon denying someone service based on their beliefs, and not support a baker/florist doing the same.— Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) June 3, 2019 “I have long wanted to pursue this less public life, but I have also felt a sense of duty to stay and make a difference,” Southern announced in a post.Re: Lauren Southern banned from Patreon Gee, that's really a shame. I guess fake blonde(see below), attention whore, hypocrite, womb-wasting Lauren Southern can't siphon (as much) money from the legions of beta male white knight followers, now.What made Patreon such a popular platform was that it had no flat monthly fees and did not require you to have your own website. Lauren Southern has already set up at a new membership website appropriately titled patreonsucks which offers the same member rewards as patrons received. Lauren southern and patreon.


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