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Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy for artists and creators to get paid. Join over 150,000+ creators earning salaries from over 4 million monthly patrons.Patreon Commission for UtopiaRayZexal he wanted a comic of himself giving his friend BenBandicoot a laugh Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi or PayPal . Posted using PostyBirbI'm curious what about patreon artist and the legality of creating a crap ton of fanart and receiving funding for it? Is it okay? Is there a difference between commissioning an artist to do fan art to an IP they don't own, vs tipping and artist on patreon to randomly create fanart, with granting access to video, art files, or even nsfw.Garnet's First Fusion, Steven Universe Fan Art (Copic Illustration) "Cotton Candy Mom" - Duration: 6:54. LemiaCrescent Recommended for youPatreon Commission for gaogeki78 he wanted a pic of Kirishima (My Hero Academia) as a Weredragon. Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi or PayPal . Posted using PostyBirbPatreon commission for Kenji_Kuroneki he wanted wanted a pic of a macro Captain Sabretooth from Dinosaucers. Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi or PayPal . Posted using PostyBirbShare your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.The Patreon referral program allows existing Patreon creators to refer their fellow creators. New creators who have been referred will have the opportunity to earn an additional cash bonus once they get patrons of their own.Rules and guidelines -Every dollar will help reach to the next goal you could do that by donating to my PayPal, Patreon and Ko-Fi (I'll even take Fur Affinity Shinies as well). PayPal, Patreon, Ko-Fi or FA Shinies (near the bottom of my FA page just under my Favorites gallery)-There will be a pic made for every 0 round Patreon and fanart rules.

Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art.this month they caught my attention because my comic pages broke the rules of patreon This was a hard blow since I had to withdraw my best comic and I had already made 5 comic pages and also 2 images that were very strong but don't worry as i will give a link to those who join so they can see itdwp downwithpatreon down with patreon sorry but if you locked your cc permanently behind a paywall I'm gonna use dwp you KNOW the rules 3 weeks behind a paywall MAX and then release for free but some of y'all had exclusive paid content on the sly guess imma have to try and find other ways to get it if i can if creators break EA's rules why should I have to respect a creator's rules in regards.“fan art quickly becoems a distraction from your own work” Isn’t this the truth, Jake! I’ve had two fan-art prints at conventions, one was a WWII Cap. America print I created as an exercise to get comfortable using Sketchbook Pro when I had my free trial. The other was a Poison Ivy commission for a paying customer. I had made him wait.What is Overwatch? Overwatch™ is a highly stylized team-based shooter set in a future worth fighting for. Every match is an intense multiplayer showdown pitting a diverse cast of soldiers, scientists, adventurers, and oddities against each other in an epic, globe-spanning conflict.On my patreon you get to choose how much you donate and get monthly fanfiction, fanart, or original content such as a sneak peak at my novels and concept art! Thank so much for considering to be a patreon!Fan-Art/Re-Design Challenges. The Fan-Art/Re-Design Challenges are special CDChallenges dedicated to an existing work of fiction Patreon and fanart rules. They can be based on any animation, book or movie franchise chosen, and just like the normal themes, are chosen by the supporters of our community on Patreon.Hey, my name is Krystopher, I'm an illustrator and I love doing fanart of games and books. With patreon, my goal is to push the quality of my art even further and to deliver high quality work of your favourite characters. In this page, you can expect lots of fan arts, scenes from books, games, portraits of characters, you name it.r/shiey: ILLEGAL FREEDOM. Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts Patreon and fanart rules.

It's looks like Patreon think our vore stuff contain sexual violence content : (For now we remove all of our post about vore . In the future we'll only post some frames in our Patreon to show our working process and we'll still send you download link trough P.M. Yes our Patreon is still working !!!Just change a little bit.r/AiAngel: Community dedicated to posts and discussions of AiAngel also known as Ai Angelica Patreon and fanart rules.Fur Affinity | For all things fluff, scaled, and feathered!By design, Patreon cannot establish any kind of direct link between specific works by said creator to the money Patreon provides as connected to "pornographic" works. By declaring there is a difference between adult materials and porn and the latter is unacceptable, Patreon shot itself on the foot.Second to last point, creating a Patreon for FanFiction is somewhat a grey area, but do consider that you are working with an existing IP, and there might be some legal repercussions from you trying to earn money of it. Lastly, there is always the chance that you'll start writing for the money and not for the story, which should be avoided.Yes Patreon has rules and they don't allow some fetish content BUT compared to other places they are the most open about what kind of art they will allow. Try not to be too mad at Patreon and Jack Conte the CEO.HELLO! My name is simrell and I’m an illustrator and cosplayer. I have been drawing since I knew how to hold a pencil and I’ve been cosplaying since high school. Art and Cosplay are my two biggest passions and I’m aiming to be able to do both full time! And I can with your help. I want to.Commission l Patreon l Facebook l Ko-fi Do not recolor, alter, trace, repost or steal the art of characters featured in this piece. Only the rightful character owner may repost.Patreon commission for Carter he wanted a pic of buff up anthro pegasus from the TriStar Pictures logo. Rules & Policies. Fanart. Prev Main Gallery Download Next. Patreon and fanart rules.

Fan art for the popular daddy-dating sim 'Dream Daddy' has sparked outrageous outrage on social media. Surprise surprise.Rules: (Do & Don't) You cannot repackage or resell anything I make. You cannot hand out stuff to others for free. Things You Can Do: Use anything here for private use. Make edits to my work, for example: Color line-art I made. Add accessories or small innocent adjustments to 3D models. You can post the edited images you've made, but not 3D stuff.RULES ----- - There will be only 10 costumers for BFC2018. - For this BFC2018 we have something special, you can ask for: Fanart, Original Characters, Ecchi, or Hentai (yesnow included, only one character, extra one is another price) - All the BFC2018 will be Half, Mid or Full body depending what you have in mind and no background. - - - 5.[Fan Art] Summertime Saga - Fan Art. Thread starter TCMS. the patreon nonsense doesn't excuse the total lack of content. Forum Rules. Discord. Twitter. User Menu Patreon and fanart rules.Jregs patreon! get your name in the endcard and join a secret discord. Fanart. 550. 21 comments. share. r/Jreg Rules. 1.Patreon commission for TheQuietOne1234 he wanted a transformation sequence of himself changing into a big buff Inteleon. Support me on Patreon or Ko-Fi or PayPal . Posted using PostyBirbAccess to finished art at full resolution 1 day early (at least) patreon exclusive wips more rewards to come as Patreon grows (possibly voting on monthly character polls submitted by higher tiers) 1 coloured single character sketch per month with the option to upgrade for more characters (can be.Patreon Explained. 56 4 6K (2 Today). Now that I have a more steady job, I look forward to getting a glimpse of what you have on Patreon. Reply. Dec 31, 2018.Posting art from a private platform (e.g. an artist's Patreon page) without express permission from the artist is considered theft and will result in punitive action being taken by the mod team. Additionally, the mod team will remove any found fanart post if requested to do so by the original artist. 3b. Flair edits as "Edited Media." Patreon and fanart rules.

Legally, no. You are engaging in copyright infringement. And then, you are profiting from that copyright infringement, which for a lot of content owners is the threshold which is the trigger for them to move to legal action.Completed Artwork (Mid Quality) (Level 01) Alternate Version (Level 01) Wallpaper (1920x1080) (Level 01) Full HD process steps (Level 02) Full PSD file (Level 03)Rules: 1. Nothing inappropriate (gory, perverted, etc.) 2. Keep it original, your own imagination! Silliness encouraged! 3. You can submit as many drawings as you like 4. SEND YOUR DOODLES TO: [email protected] yahoo along with your name/patreon. Example: Here's Pat's very special warrior elephant. Patreon and fanart rules.


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