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I had to choose this way, because starting events out of the messenger screen are causing heavy bugs, (like no rollback anymore or no saving). Maybe I'll find a solution for this sometime or maybe it's not possible with renpy. On the weekend events (NTR) a new button will appear to start the event.I want to support you, but I am tuning out from some of these real-time detailed updates. I don’t want to tune out from you, can you give me an idea of what you’d like me to say or do when you tell me x?” It’s possible that they don’t need you to do or say anything, but they do need to say whatever it is, if that makes sense patreon page bugging out no scroll.So it's Offbeatr all over again? I mean, I'm glad Kimochi is still around. They've had some obvious hurdles to overcome. Hopefully this works out, but Patreon seems to have been working out for nearly every indie adult game maker and I can't see them (and the people funding) jumping ship.Can't Load Patreon Site! Help! Okay, so for the past few days, I've been trying to go on Patreon, since I support my friend on there. and if anyone can help me.Become a patron of Todd & Brett Wiley - HO Scale Customs today: Read 62 posts by Todd & Brett Wiley - HO Scale Customs and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.Hey hows it going, This patreon channel is for both my youtube channel DNSL and all future creative projects I will be setting up in games. Depending on the amount of support, you get perks such as seeing updates on discord and influencing the gameshow.RetroArch 1.7.9 (v2) has just been released. Among many other things, it includes big QoL (Quality of Life) improvements for mobile users. The menu system should now support touchscreen gestures and controls in general should be much improved inside the menu.THANK YOU! As an official patron, you'll have access to my patron-only feed and behind the scenes videos! Firstly, I'd like to thank you for stopping by and being a friend to this little channel! Secureteam in it's simplest form, is an outlet for people who want the un-filtered truth behind some.The decision-making paradigm we have chosen in life will determine the outcome of the crap-fest that may come our way, a job loss, medical problems, power outage from a storm, or even a zombie apocalypse. Therefore, every goal we set, skill we acquire, and piece of gear we purchase should be thought out, and truly fit our need to Survive. Patreon page bugging out no scroll.

5854500 That's actually a good explanation for why it feels that way: you introduce them despite having no reason for it at all, since they won't feature a lot, and put the minimum amount of screentime and detail into their interaction as if you needed to quickly get some obligatory "meet the elements" part of the story out of the way.I can't scroll through or view all the hotkey options in the controls menu (Esc>Options>Controls) Currently running a modified version of the Resonant Rise Pack from the ATLauncher, and no one else on my server is experiencing the same bug. I have removed and re-installed but still, I cant fix it patreon page bugging out no scroll. Any ideas? Happy to post more info if requested1 “How to get over a long distance crush.” The good news is you won’t run into them everywhere you go. The bad news is that many of us carry a little device in our pocket that lets us see what our crush is up to at any moment of any day, and sometimes there are settings on that device and its various applications that give us a little ping when our crush has posted a new photo of.It Escaped, I'm So Sorry. . Hey guys, sorry, this was supposed to upload yesterday but my internet was bugging out and wouldn't let me upload, i apologize for the delay!Hi, welcome to my Patreon page! I've been making Zen Pencils comics since 2012 and your support here will help cover the costs of maintaining the website as well as feed my family! What is Patreon? Patreon is a great way for fans to directly support their favorite online creators through micro donations.Swipe up/down in the left margin: scroll through current menu list by ascending/descending the alphabet Swipe up/down in the middle region of the screen: scroll up/down through current menu list by one ‘page’ (i.e. one screen’s worth of entries) Swipe left/right: navigate left right, or change the setting value of the currently active itemAnd welcome to the FORTY TIMES AROUND Patreon page! First of all, THANK YOU for stopping by, and for taking an interest in my YouTube channel and Patreon page! I'm sure if you found me here, you have probably been watching my videos on YouTube, and I really do appreciate that!Patreon not loading content for me Wed Feb 10, 2016 8:10 pm So I tried watching C&G Live yesterday when patreon sent me an email saying Kinda Funny posted it but it wasn't there and now I can't seem to find the exclusive episodes.Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, frowned at the scroll that floated mere inches from her snout. The roll of paper hadn’t appeared in a puff of green smoke like messages or letters addressed to her usually appeared and Spike wasn’t in the general vicinity to sneeze one into existence. Patreon page bugging out no scroll.

The editor kinda sucks compared to Wordpress. Patreon stripped down is just a paid post service, so I'm kinda surprised that they prioritized integrations with other services over having a full-featured editor. There is no gallery-view for creators that publish primarily pictures. There's no way to store videos--users have to use youtube.Access and share logins for patreon. Get Logins. patreon logins Username. Yes No. To add a login to. Check out the Raine One on Kickstarter. Terms Of Use;patreon: I finished up some revamping of my Patreon — the wall of text is now a short and straightforward stack of images, and I dropped the blogging milestones. I’m no longer obliged to write X posts per month, huzzah. art: I pixel-drew some new veekun version icons, which may or may not go live. Also drew a December avatar.Use the Patreon API via OAuth. Contribute to Patreon/patreon-js development by creating an account on's either super good makeup magic, PS, or photoshop. if you scroll aaaaaalll the way down in her twitter account this is the last/first tweet: big pic incoming! she looks roughly the same. her face is longer and her nose is wider and this was from 2015. every other pic after she's wearing makeup/has a filter on so it's hard to tell whether or.Patreon users are grouped by content type, such as video/films, podcast, comedy, comics, games, and education. These content creators set up a page on the Patreon website, where patrons can choose to pay a fixed amount to a creator on a monthly basis.Oh, and I will finally be putting out a new set of pages soon, albeit a side-story, because it's fun to do the side-stories. "The Chrono Geode" has been languishing in incomplete status since my illness hit, and I initially planned to build a road to Crossoverpower from this story.I woke up the next day with quite the start. Apparently, Zepha had convinced the girls to play a little prank on me while I slept. She had put me on my bed and climbed in while, the girls waited in the living room waiting for me to wake up. The sound of me yelling and falling out of bed was drowned out by them laughing, especially Rainbow.With a quick flurry he tore out the {Magic Missile} scroll and cast it, scattering three bolts of magic at each beetle. The impact from the bolts tore the three monsters apart. Two more came out of the wheat to be struck down by another {Magic Missile} barrage from the cooperated attack from Lyya and Kanrish. Patreon page bugging out no scroll.

This waives the "Non-Commercial" stipulation attached to our designs (released or sent out via Patreon, and other models you have access to, like previously purchased sets or models from our Kickstarter projects), though we would still like attribution in text on your Etsy, eBay, or similar storefront posts where applicable, and the item must.Sept 3 rolls along and I log into Patreon to see I have ,445.83 in my Patreon balance. I have (cumulatively) ~0 from other patrons and then whatever amount from the k patron left (after the fees Patreon pulls from each pledge). I was in shock. I sat there staring at my computer for around 3 hours, not knowing what to do.I’d figure out how many I needed to sell in one go to make it worth it, and then I would put it out there for pre-orders for a limited time (maybe 2-3 weeks), with the understanding that people will be charged and orders will be placed only if the pre-set minimum number of pre-orders happen, they will all ship out at once after the pre-orders.Bugging Out 3,099 words Insecticide 4,352 words A Chilly Town Meeting 1,512 words Twilight's Snow Jobs 2,998 words Back From the Future 2,849 words New School, New Problems 1,486 words Taking a Stand (And Ruining Its Business) 2,329 words The Bar Mark-zvah 2,878 words I Am Iron Pony 2,655 words Patreon page bugging out no scroll.


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