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Freelance writing online is a wonderful way to discuss the things you love with the world, but it's also wonderful for being poor. Bring insight and entertainment to tens of thousands, get paid tens of tens. Hence Patreon, which will allow me to do three things: 1. It'll help me write articles that might be difficult to place elsewhere.[Hai-ning/ Greenlock] Batman & Superman dj – Ruler Behind Mask [Eng] February 17, 2018 To Comments. Filed Under: Justice League dj Language: English Pairing: Superman x Batman Genres: Action, Drama, Shounen Ai Tagged With: Hai-ning/ Greenlock, Manly Gay Couple, SuperHero, SupermanRead SuperBat 1 from the story Batman Álbum (Yaoi) by mariferlafuria (M. Read 8 from the story Imágenes Yaoi DC y Marvel by almene_asesina (loka del yaoi) with reads. Read Daddy from the story Superbat Oneshots by Pupsnips (Ƭнє Sιℓνєя Oηє™) with reads. Bruce had just gotten out of the. Art by Hai-ning! B: me gusta ЕщеArtwork by Hai-ning from Taiwan! Her works of Superbat is always amazing Batman is definitely a catch! Damsel in distress Bruce wayne - “Never Worry Hai ning superbat patreon.【アズールレーン演習】贅沢な純ユニオン【Azur Lane-PvP】USN Fleet Georgia+Seattle+Bunker_Hill - Duration: 3:00. kota todo 2,947 viewsSuperbat Oneshots - Morning Wood Superman X Batman Superman Family Superbat Clark Kent Robin Manga Comics Wattpad Spideypool Detective Comics Read Morning Wood from the story Superbat Oneshots by DomesticFireFox (Ƭнє Sιℓνєя Oηє™) with 5,140 reads. oneshots, dcuniverse, clarkkent.Read SUPERBAT 38 from the story 🖤 imágenes "SUPERBAT" 🖤 by Patyneko (Ana Patricia) with reads. I would also fight both of them for the last oreo. Or just take it while they were tussling. Bruce could just eat it then make out with Clark and then Clark would be tasting two delicious things at once Master of its own Destiny See moreBecome a patron of Drained Heroes (INACTIVE) today: Read 25 posts by Drained Heroes (INACTIVE) and get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world’s largest membership platform for artists and creators.Hai-ning's art Superman X Batman Oh My Heroes Comic Book Artists Comic Books Superbat Wattpad Gay Comics Clark Kent Comics Universe “superbats it my otp, there is no convincing me otherwise. Hai ning superbat patreon.

Doujinshi A list of doujinshi from my collection that I have scanned and had translated. EnglishTranslated: Superbat (Bruce x Clark | Superman x Batman) Another Day Another Night by Didi/OhayamaImágenes Yaoi DC y Marvel - attack on superbat(? Read attack on superbat(? from the story Imágenes Yaoi DC y Marvel by almene_asesina (loka del yaoi) with reads. 35 Epic Batman And Superman Memes That Will Have You Laughing Like Crazy - South Herald Batman is a hero that appears in the DC Comics.Read BruClark: SuperBat from the story Batman Álbum (Yaoi) by mariferlafuria (M. Uh-oh, what'd lord superman do? DC Betman and Superman “I’ll kill you, you monster!”“Then there will be no difference between us… Superbat ️ - Sịp x dơi 16 #wattpad #fanfiction ¡Ships locos y encantadores!Thanks for the support from Patreon/Streamlabs: Jake Wu - Slietch - Kagrenac - Richard Gauthier III - Easily Winded - Chibi Neko Lover - Infinite - Void-Alter - Cody Loussaert - Kadeji - jerome292.Hai-ning's art (still… u know. SuperBat doodles :P) A post from Happy Valentines day! If you alone in this day, I love you 😻 #gay #slash #dc #dcu #dccomics #superman #batman #superbat #batsuper #clarkkent #brucewayne #art🎨 #art #gay🌈 #yoi #valentines #valentinesday See more( ゚ ゚)/ Hi !! Yes, Ning Hai's model is ready, don't forget, I will not post wallpapers and new models here on iwara, all new models and public wallpapers are being posted on my pixiv profile, and yes I used Ping Hai previous model to finish Ning HaiNing Fan, sixteen years old, servant of Hai Ning’s Ning clan. Betrayed and sold into an Evil Sect, he was separated from his little brother. The All Pleasure Sect used him as a cauldron to extract his "Yang" ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and on his deathbed, he meets the encounter of his life.Read SUPERBAT 27 from the story 🖤 imágenes "SUPERBAT" 🖤 by Patyneko (Ana Patricia) with reads. DeviantArt is the world's largest online social community for artists and art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of art.“#Doodle #SuperBat Injustice Superman and young Bruce. Based on it: t.co/U04uKpQgwU” Hai ning superbat patreon.

This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue QueueNing Hai : Dragon Sisters! -N | 寧海・東煌シスターズ!. Thanks for the support from Patreon/Streamlabs: Jake Wu - Slietch - Kagrenac - Richard Gauthier III - Easily Winded - Chibi.Ning Hai and her sister were both built with the help of the Japanese (hence a similar look and even same armament as Japan at the time) in the mid 1930’s Hai ning superbat patreon. They in turn were promptly sunk by the Japanese in 1937. Raised and repaired by the Japanese and used for various reasons until Ning Hai was sunk by a U.S. submarine in 1944 and her sister.Superbat Sure.superobin please. "Trinity" by 望月海凝 (Hai-ning) Looks like the bar just closed down and Batman is the DD. Wholesome Meme idea by Feign Patreon[Gesuido Megane] SuperBat dj – Mushibamu [Eng] [Hai-ning/ Greenlock] Justice League dj – Immolato [Eng]. RED GREAT KRYPTON – Superman/Batman dj [Eng.* All characters in my work are fictional adult characters. * If you can't find some "comics", please send me a message Support me and receive monthly prizes and access the weekly image :3 By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active participant in their creative process.Hai-ning's art. Doodles of SuperBat. Superman X Batman Gotham Clark Kent Fanart Manga Superbat Batman Family.Amorous fan art linking Superman and Batman reaches a fever pitch in China . Another illustrator whose work has drawn attention in the online community is Hai Ning, who hails from Taiwan and.+ Get 1 extra vote for polls. + Suggest character polls. Hey, I'm Nanoless! Currently working here as illustrator, allowing me to create lewd arts that could meet the fans and fulfill my desire to practice! ♥ I hope you enjoy my works, as much as I love drawing them! Monthly rewards are divided. Hai ning superbat patreon.

There is plenty of Superbat to go around, also a plethora of some really great Hernan/Kirk superbat goodness! Okay, I know the black boxes might be hard to read because Tumblr dumbs down the quality of images, but Supervampire let me know the black boxes are based off a famous Russian poem called “Hamlet” and even provided a perfect link.Read SUPERBAT 90 from the story 🖤 imágenes "SUPERBAT" 🖤 by Patyneko (Ana Patricia) with 657 reads. (BruceTopsClark) AU Clark is floating. Bruce still doesn’t move the hands off the kryptonian’s waist despite standing steadily.May 28, 2019 - Explore thenerdgirl_10's board "Superbat", followed by 502 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Superbat, Superman x batman and Batman and superman.[PROMISED LAND] SuperBat dj – Counterparts [Eng] October 29, 2016 To Comments. Filed Under: Justice League dj Language: English Pairing: Superman x Batman Genres: Romance, Shounen Ai Tagged With: Manly Gay Couple, Promised Land (Umino Buri)[GD Mechano (Izumi Yakumo)] Superman/ Batman dj – Fix me [cn] [Griotte (IZUMI Yakumo)] Justice League dj – Fragments of the sun [cn] [Izumi Yakumo] BABHEL – Justice League DJ [chinese] [Izumi Yakumo] BABHEL – Justice League DJ [kr] [Izumi Yakumo] BABHEL – Justice League DJ [Eng] [Hai-ning/ Greenlock] Justice League dj – Immolato III.Wishlist Doujinshi that I wish to purchase. If anyone knows where I can find them, send me a message with the info, and I will more than likely get them. I am even willing to buy them from overseaArt by Hai-ning! Superbat See more. Superman X Batman Couples Comics Clark Kent Superbat Batman Family Manga Comics Dc Comics Baby Avengers Wattpad. Прямая.00:29:48 - Ning Hai class 00:32:24 - If cruiser-warfare was a flawed concept, how could the Deutschland-class Panzerschiff have been better? 00:34:48 - Before the advent of gunpowder, how. Hai ning superbat patreon.


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