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Support us Patreon. Stories. - Childish Gambino - Avenged Sevenfold, - Dr. Dre - Macklemore and Ryan Lewis - AC/DC - Breaking Benjamin - General Mumble - Drake.The Mumble Etc. logo from 2018 onwards. Mumble Etc. is a power-couple electronic music record label run by General Mumble and Koa.All artists signed to the label are their alter-aliases, represented by different fictional characters sporting their own genres and musical themes.Beating a Dead Horse by General Mumble, released 27 October 2017 1. Goodbye, Holiday 2 general mumble patreon. Death In The Treetops 3. 2011-2017 Halloween Megamix 4. Goodbye, Holiday (Instrumental) 5.Heya! For anyone who doesn’t know me super well, I’m a freelance artist. I can draw tons of things - on top of general artworks, I’ve been commissioned for tattoo designs, cosplay plans, and even drafting ideas for designs that haven’t been completely conceptualized yet.Recalling the adorable cute girl, she couldn’t help let out a sigh. Subsequently, suddenly she could hear a regretful voice mumble to oneself: “If this pork shoulder could be stewed for another half hour, it would definitely taste a lot better.” He Wenzhongs voice wasn’t loud but it definitely wasn’t small.Pony Tunes - YouTube. Skip navigationMoomin Dream Casts. Before I start, I probably should warn you that there's going to be a lot of stunt casting of mostly on-camera actors, because I also like to imagine these characters with more down-to-Earth voices rather than exaggerated "cartoon voices" (with a handful of exceptions).Mumble Connect Using this link from your browser if you have mumble installed. Otherwise, use the following info to connect: Label: [MineTexas]? Address: mumble.minetexasI mumble no “promise?” I say yes. “No” Em’s voice still soft but now there is a hint of firmness to it “say I promise not to ask you to suck me off…EVER” I am on the brink, I can feel the heat from the palm of her hand its so close yet not quite touching. I need to come. General mumble patreon.

A Song of Ice and Fire A map based around Game of Thrones series of books. Originally by 2happy4u, Dayne, and Razuvious. Currently edited by Panther-AnthroA Patreon that promises not to take anyone down is a pretty good idea, if nothing else they can get a lot of more edgy content (sexual or otherwise) that is being pushed off of Patreon. What I would love to see out of a platform built to replace Patreon is, a system that was a little more potentially disconnected.SirPlease! A Community for ( almost ) everyone. No Douche Canoes allowed. 💥About Us: We strive to provide the Community with Servers and Events. We don't settle for excellence, we DEMAND perfection. An Admin team that can take care of issues swiftly and professionally. We're always open to suggestions, feel free to post your ideas! 💥VOIP: We currently use Mumble for our voice communication.More songs in General Mumble's staple spooky Nightmare Night style! BBDFF makes an awesome play on pony vocal samples and have those signature effects on them too, creating a brand new eerie story. What I especially love in this track is the heavy bassline that is just such a bliss, and the unique atmosphere it creates along the ambient synths.A golden shiny role on the Mumble Etc. Discord server and access to a patron-only chat Appear in Patron credits in lyric and music videos during your pledge Patreon-exclusive tracks (or songs that won't see the light of day until an album release)If you have an idea for a non-gameplay affecting plugin, or something that should be changed on the Anarchy server, post it here! Also post here if you have some issues on the Anarchy Server, such as a serious glitch or bug with a plugin.Sonichu and Rosechu's Luv Shack is the Rule 34 section of Chris's Sonichu site founded on 12 February 2009.Chris most likely took the name from the 1999 South Park-themed video game Chef's Luv Shack.Be warned however you may get curious about the show like I did (and the refrences you don't get)! Not for everypony or young children (some songs are a little explicit, though less so then any rap song they probably've heard). If you happen to be reading this and enjoy the brony fandom, please support Herostrain and RLYoshi on Patreon.⭐Happy 2019 everyone! ⭐ I'd like to kick off the year by inviting you to my personal Discord server, Koa's Corner! It serves as a home base for my artwork and following, to help push forward my freelance career, to connect with people that connect with my art, and to just get creative as a community. General mumble patreon.

A Dante in a suit is the best gift a woman could have. In addition to the muscles, the detail of the veins is great, but; the detail that I love the most is the wings.“Huh – wha?” Spencer managed to mumble out, his vision clearing. “Girl, you’ve only had one drink!” It was only then that Spencer realized that Charlie was talking to him – no, her. The lamp was gone – becoming a tattoo on her skin - and no one remember Spencer at all.A public Discord server run my Mumble for game development projects. Chat, give input, playtest, etc. Mumble's Deviantart: Mumble's main art-posting place. Album covers and the like go here. Koa's Deviantart: Koa's main art-posting place. Commissions and album covers and stuff.How has this only 24 likes ? That was sooooo dark, love it.Mumbles (Welsh: Mwmbwls) is a headland sited on the western edge of Swansea Bay on the southern coast of Wales.The name Mumbles is also applied to the district encompassing the electoral wards of Oystermouth, Newton, West Cross, and Mayals.Become my patron on Patreon! This one’s a monthly payment kinda deal where you can get some cool goodies (sample packs, stems, all my music, CDs, Discord server access, tutorials, other stuff), and your first payment immediately goes into my account so it’s pretty direct. This one also helps me sustain myself in the future too!I struggle to understand people who mumble, and the older generation. What I’m doing to improve: Maintaining a Japanese immersion environment. Starting to use material that isn’t just related to my interests. This will hopefully bring about a more broadened understanding of the language and culture.Witchcraft 101 Lessons that are included in The Mumbles and Things Witchcraft 101 - Introductory Magic Course will appear here. Below is the Syllabus for the first 22 weeks.General Mumble always seems to grace us with wonderful spooky tunes every Nightmare Night, and it's lovely to see that's no different this year. Full of excellently processed vocals, the dark Pinkie Pie vibes are really well done and there's a bunch of other sounds that help to build the spooky atmosphere as well. General mumble patreon.

- Membership access to the CarbonsGaming Mumble server. - Vote in anything that affects the CarbonsGaming community. - Eligibility for CarbonsGaming rewards, prizes or gifts, raffles or giveaway draws. - Invite to CarbonsGaming private Steam group. - Invite to CarbonsGaming private Facebook group.Support us Patreon. Stories. Stories. There was a general mumble of agreement as the foals all pretty much burst from their seats clustering around Princess Luna.God, I love it when they eat their young! I don’t know whether it’s because FUX News is beginning to try to pivot away from what they see as the inevitable end of the era of Trump, or whether they’re just sick and tired of being ridiculed as The Trump Ministry Of Propaganda, but slowly and surely things are changing at FOX.PWR ON. 2k15 by General Mumble, released 15 February 2015 1. zzzzzz 2. All My Eggs 3. Sausagefighter 4. At Both Ends 5. I Was Conceived In The 80s 6. Circle, The (feat. ) 7. PrydaPrejudice 8. Everember 9. Greenfly A combination of new songs and songs that needed a home, ranging from silly to serious.Happy Feet is a 2006 computer-animated musical comedy film directed, produced, and co-written by George Miller. It stars the voices of Elijah Wood , Robin Williams , Brittany Murphy , Hugh Jackman , Nicole Kidman , Hugo Weaving , and E.G. Daily .My week has been all over the place and this DM's Diary is a little shorter than usual. Hear my initial thoughts on the second session of the Friday Night Game plus a lengthy fessing-up on my beliefs and feelings around magic.Anyways, on topic: Phil should just have someone setup a mumble server for him or use an existing mumble server of someone he trusts as Skype shouldnt be used for this purpose in general. Mumble is similar to teamspeak/ventrilo but completely open source and of as high if not higher quality.The Quick Brown Fox (also known as and often called TQBF), is an alias under the Halley Labs/ LapFox Trax label who is a fox-shaped piñata that produces speedcore and gabber.Patreon is a site where you can donate money on a monthly basis in order to get kickstarter-like rewards, except you're supporting a content creator. I intend to run a Patreon campaign, but I haven't quite figured out what I want to do for donation tiers/milestone goals. General mumble patreon.

Mumble Etc. is a British one-man electronic music record label run by Lewis Cooper. All artists signed to the label are alter-aliases of himself (unless stated otherwise), represented by different fictional characters, each sporting their own genres and musical themes. The General Mumble alias spearheads the's still halloween, didn't u know? Support us and grab this track and its instrumental version (and loads of others) now by becoming a Patron or an M Etc. Inc. Member below, or wait for the EP.The Mumbly Cartoon Show is a Saturday morning animated series produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions and featuring the titular Mumbly, a cartoon dog.It was broadcast on ABC from September 11, 1976 to September 3, 1977.Started writing this as a song for my girlfriend but it took a little longer than expected so that fell through and now it's a song for my wife. Support us and grab this track and its instrumental.Mumbles (Mwmbwls in Welsh) is a fishing village situated at the Western end of Swansea Bay, at the entrance to the Gower Peninsula.This little bustling village (and I say village, but really it is much larger than the other villages in the rest of Gower) is host to a great variety of shops, cafes, wine bars, pubs and restaurants.Form vs Function - and we all have different ideas of what those two are (puts my popcorn down). Take marriage for example. Don’t marry someone who doesn’t turn you on, otherwise you won’t have any offspring - unless of course if it is an arranged marriage that has political advantages for both of your kingdoms (but we know that often ends up in tragedy).General Mumble is the main alias Lewis Cooper. He currently makes a wide variety of styles of electronic music. He currently makes a wide variety of styles of electronic music. All his music is in his label Mumble Etc general mumble patreon.You can also find us in our voice chat channel (Brave Collective » General » Dojo - Ask Questions Here) on our Mumble server. Click here to set up our IT services. The in-game and voice chat channels are for new players who have questions about EVE Online. General mumble patreon.


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