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In early 2015, Wakaliwood launched a Kickstarter campaign to create an action movie studio, which garnered more than ,000 pledges over the next month. As of January 2018, the Wakaliwood Patreon page has accumulated upwards of 192 patreons generating 1 per month.Wakaliwood SUPA STORE! T-Shirts, DVDs, Posters & more! supastore.wakaliwood Share the TORRENT for FREE!! Watch Bad Black & Who Killed Captain Alex: GLOBAL DESTRUCTION in over 30 languages!Persuasiveness is one of the most essential skills you need to learn, as it is useful in numerous situations. The ability to be persuasive and influence others can be influential for achieving goals and being happy.This feature is not available right now Wakaliwood patreon. Please try again later.In early 2015, Wakaliwood launched a Kickstarter campaign to create an action movie studio, which garnered more than ,000 pledges over the next month. As of January 2018, the Wakaliwood Patreon page has accumulated upwards of 192 patreons generating 1 per month.Wakaliwood's Action-Packed Kickstarter March 2 - 31, 2015 Help Build a Ugandan Action Movie Studio! If you enjoyed Who Killed Captain Alex and want to see more of our action films, please share or join our Kickstarter Campaign.I didn't get my tracking number for my Patreon Package! What happened?? PLEASE MAKE SURE your email is the email you use frequently as it the email we will be sending your tracking number to. If you didn't receive and email please check your spam folder! I just signed up to Patreon, can I get rewards from all previous months?Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda's First Action Movie (English Subtitles & Video Joker) - WakaliwoodWakaliwood - Home of Da Best of Da Best Movies. Home of Da Best of Da Best Movies. LoadingWakaliwood World Tour! TOP SECRET. Patreon. Merch. Twitter. Facebook. Wakaliwood patreon.

Forsen should do a charity stream for Wakaliwood We have gotten a lot of entertainment and fun out of their movies, seems like a good thing to do if the community somehow manages to contact the people who made the movie.Thank you to all our Supa Fans! We surpassed our Kickstarter Goal by an incredible 8,238%. Your donations will help build Uganda's first action movie studio and provide the foundation for a sustainable business here in Wakaliwood.BluRay/DVD! Out Now! www/Wakaliwood-SupWINNER: Best Director (action genre) and Audience Award FANTASTIC FEST 2016, Austin Texasr/movies: News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures. The Video Jokey* thing is pretty killer here in Kenya as well. Due to language barriers, there are people who can only watch/understand them if they're commentated over in Swahili or their mother tongue (of which we have over 50).T-Shirts, DVDs, Posters & more! supastore.wakaliwooSUPA FANS! @Wakaliwood is back on Twitter! We were banned but you helped share the word and got is back.Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda's First Action Movie was produced, written, directed, shot, and edited by Nabwana IGG from his home in Wakaliga, Uganda. Made for under 0 - using real blood and a modified car jack for a tripod - the film became a sensation in the slums of Uganda while the trailer went viral in Europe, South America, and the US.Wakaliwood & Ramon Film Productions Action-packed Fanpage, Kampala, Uganda. 22K likes. An action movie studio in the slums of Wakaliga, Uganda, Home of Who Killed Captain Alex, Bad Black, and Ramon(2010) went viral, the rest of the world was introduced to Wakaliwood and love has poured out to the studio from all over the globe. If you would like to support these hardworking filmmakers they have a Patreon as well as a website. IGG has made over 44 feature films and I will be highlighting two of the better known ones (thanks to the efforts.Get Wakaliwood Updates. Welcome to the future home of Ramon Film Productions, an action movie studio in the slums of Wakaliga, Uganda. Get the latest news. Wakaliwood patreon.

Wakastarz, Kampala, Uganda. 2,630 likes · 7 talking about this. WAKALIWOOD NEXT GENERATION MOVIE AND MUSIC STARSFounded by Nabwana IGG, a Ugandan Self taught filmmaker who has produced more than 40 feature films including Who Killed Captain Alex: Uganda's First Action Movie, Wakaliwood is a home for Kung Fu masters, stunt people, actors, technicians, and artists who have travelled from all parts of Uganda to work with IGG and bring you the best of the best movies.Also, IGG is trying to seriously step up production values so he made a Kickstarter and Patreon page for Ramon Film Production. Campaign is of course a success and we can expect too more additional movies too- Tebaatusasula: EBOLA (the sequel to the original Wakaliwood hit) and Eaten Alive In Uganda ( their foray into Canibal genre).Access to patron-only content Connect with other patrons Access to an early bird Patreon share where all designs will be shared as soon as they've been tested. Help on all aspects from me and the community. Designer and builder passionate about 3d printing and design. My mission is to share as.wakaliwood join leave 380 readers. 5 users here now. Wakaliwood. created by 67672525 a community for 5 years.The Pop Culture Detective Agency – Patreon Announcement; The longest ride in a Truck | Hitchhiking in USA; Recent Comments. Johnny Cage on Wakaliwood’s BAD BLACK (Full Movie) – English Subtitles & VJ Emmie; Hi Im Dorian on Wakaliwood’s BAD BLACK (Full Movie) – English Subtitles & VJ EmmieWHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX Original Trailer - Wakaliwood, Uganda - Ramon Film Productions Movies PreviewFilm Trap is a site dedicated to bringing you movies from everywhere. Film Trap finds and reviews new movies and classic movies you've never heard of.Among the studio's props is a full sized helicopter frame that has become a staple in all Wakaliwood films. Nabwana shoots and edits his films using old computers that he assembles. Squibs and theatrical blood , used to simulate bloody gunshots, are made from condoms filled with red food coloring and tied to fishing lines before being taped to the actors' chests. Wakaliwood patreon.

Cooming Soon Co-produced by all our Supa Fans at Kickstarter, Patreon, and VHX. If you bought a T-shirt, shared our videos, or told a friend how crazy we are, you're part of Wakaliwood.We discuss Uganda's energetic and groundbreaking Wakaliwood movie scene and their films WHO KILLED CAPTAIN ALEX? and BAD BLACK. Become a Patreon subscriber for a month and get an exclusive episodeWhat he saw impressed him enough that he used his contacts in the film industry to get showings of Wakaliwood movies in film festivals throughout the world. A kickstarter followed, and now a Patreon, as they solicit cash to make movies that cost less than a single ticket to many concerts and sporting events.Film Crit Hulk Smash: Hurray For Wakaliwood - The Best Emergent Cinema On The Planet Discover the story behind the best action-comedies from an unexpected place. By Film Crit Hulk Sep. 29, 2016The scene was set in 1985 but back then the sikorsky S-534 chopper only came in an all white color scheme. It wasn't until 1992 that the iconic red and white sikorsky S-534C model was released.Wakaliwood, also known as Ramon Film Productions, is a film studio based in Wakaliga, a slum in Uganda's capital of Kampala. Its founder and director is Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana, a.k.a. Nabwana IGG, who has been called Uganda's Tarantino, after the gratuitous violence in his filmsWho Killed Captain Alex is a 2010 Wakaliwood action film, produced and directed by Isaac Nabwana (AKA Nabwana I.G.G.). The film claims to be "Uganda's First Action Movie" and gained notoriety in late 2017 for its bizarre quality and a strange plot, along with the odd commentary given by a "video joker," a man who talks over the movie making jokes.SUPA FANS ASSEMBLE! King Kong & Ugandan X-Men VS Steven Senegal & da Tiger Mafias. Oh nooo! Thank you everyone for your continued support. And now we have a new movie to share, for FREE! Attack on Nyege Nyege Island is available in over 20 languages and dialects, including Scottish and verAt Fantastic Fest, you will witness their latest crime epic: BAD BLACK, where a mild-mannered doctor, portrayed by real-life Wakaliwood producer Alan Hofmanis, is trained in the art of ass-kicking commando vengeance by a no-nonsense ghetto kid named Wesley Snipes (!) in an effort to steal back a family heirloom from Uganda's toughest gang. Wakaliwood patreon.

New Trailer! Operation Kakongoliro: The Ugandan Expendables . You seen 0 action movie. Now see 00! Made possible by SupaFans all over the world, via Kickstarter, Patreon, and Wakaliwood's Supa Store Wakaliwood patreon.We are Wakaliwood is raising funds for Help Build a Ugandan Action Movie Studio - Wakaliwood on Kickstarter! Join the film studio behind the viral sensations Who Killed Captain Alex & Tebaatusasula and become a Ugandan Action Movie Star!Watch more 'Who Killed Captain Alex?' videos on Know Your Meme! Wakaliwood patreon.


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