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Most of my Patreon is centered around single drawn comics and already made comics. Though some comics don't end, thus creating patreon exclusive comic endings. All Patreons regardless of tier will gain access to The Community Discord - A place where you chat, hang out, share some art, or ask me questions.Writing for Paste, L. Rhodes said the antagonism in the Gamergate controversy was a result of the industry seeking to widen its customer demographic instead of focusing on core gamers, which Rhodes says "is precisely what videogames needed".Les partisans du Gamergate déclarent qu'ils sont un mouvement mais sans dirigeants officiels ni manifeste, et se sont organisés anonymement ou sous pseudonymat sur des plateformes internet tel que 4chan, Internet Relay Chat, Twitter, 8chan et Reddit. Les déclarations censées représenter le Gamergate sont incohérentes, ce qui a rendu.Dismantling the ‘Alt-Right Playbook’: YouTuber explains how online radicalization works Ian Danskin, an American video essayist and YouTuber is the creative force behind a dedicated segment of.Pro life GamerGate. How to tell whether a Twitter user is pro-choice or pro-life without reading any of their tweets - Some interesting data crunching on uptake of a hashtag, the sections regarding the intersection with the #GamerGate hashtag might be useful in examining the overlap of the GamerGate Twitter campaign and social conservatives/right wing "culture warriors".Patrons can vote to decide what I post next! My name is Rtenzo, some of you know me as Ero-Enzo, and I am a NSFW artist who enjoys drawing lewds. By supporting me on Patreon, you can help enable me to become a full-time artist, allowing me to produce sexy anime arts for all my fans to enjoy. I am.Please tell me that a guy saying "I got doxxed by 8chan" was in any way or form a reasonable concern on the topic of the article, because if that is so then you clearly don't know a lot about policies as you claim. The Devil Advocate closed the discussion like 10 seconds after I reverted him.The stated goals of the OAPI are to study online abuse, and to reduce and mitigate it through technical measures and collaboration with tech companies. Its first public campaign was an open letter to ICANN , the organization responsible for coordinating the Internet's Domain Name System , opposing the latter's plans to end anonymity of WHOIS.The Dragon Doctors is a transformation webcomic about four "magical doctors" touted as the best in their respective fields, who have banded together to do good and solve medical mysteries. Consisting of a whimsical shapeshifting wizard, a grim … Patreon collab 8chan.

Edit request on 06:00, 17 October 2014 (UTC) {{edit requested}}Change the photo of Zoe Quinn in the article from File:Zoe Quinn - GDC 2014.jpg to File:Zoe Quinn Car 2014.jpg, as it is preferred by the subject and slightly more flattering than the candid photo where she's holding a bottle of beer.—Gamergate has none of these. The term “movement” is used occasionally in the press, and we can use it where sources use it even if it is not strictly accurate. What is unquestioned, and widely attested, is that Gamergate is a conspiracy– a secret and anonymous collaboration to do things that are illegal or harmful Patreon collab 8chan. The notable actions of. Patreon collab 8chan.


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