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It's another addition of Thank You For Your Service, the podcast series about how restaurant workers are braver than the troops. Today we are joined by former Jimmy John's worker and current actor of the THEATER, Ben Yela, to discuss his part in the 2011 attempt to unionize Jimmy John's workers in the Twin Cities.Stream PATREON PREVIEW: Rage Against The Latrine w/ David Klion by Pod Damn America from desktop or your mobile deviceBrendan joins Arden, Anna and Katie to discuss the SEASON PREMIERE of The Bachelorette! Sexy Chickens! Cop Haircuts! Jocks, Jocks, Jocks!!!! - Arden thinks the male model is a wonderful combo of Villian and CRAY TO THE CRAY CRAY! - Brendan is ready to do a WYATR field trip to see man-bun Leo at Universal City Walk! - Katie is ready to PUT A RING ON IT RIGHT NOW WITH COLTON! - Anna's fellow.Pod Damn America. Current track: PATREON PREVIEW: The Whyre (David Simon) PATREON PREVIEW: The Whyre (David Simon) Like Follow There was a problem playing this track.Become a Patron! Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.Lenny Reed grew up in the mean streets of Newark, but that did not stop him from chasing his dreams. As a young boy Lenny Reed was infatuated with cars and technology. And also the thirst for knowledge was very important, reading the encyclopedia britannica A-Z was as fun as playing outside. Lenny Reed decided to feed the craze for cars by pod damn patreon.What's a better word to describe the people who stormed the Capitol: insurrectionists or terrorists? Also, when did pornos start giving a damn about their plot? And what's the best way to get into heaven if you don't believe in god? This week, Mike & Mike talk about: The January 6th Commission hearings have begun pod damn patreon. When art and smut begin to blend.Conspirituality Podcast. Over on Yoga Journal 's IG, they've published a teaser for an article in which the author argues that getting the jab is a form of "ahimsa" or nonviolence. 3 hours in, the post is clocking 1K comments: 70% anti-vax, many Pastel Q references. And that is why we do our podcast.About The Damn Daniel Podcast. Alright? Welcome to the DDP Patreon. This is the place where fans of the pod can help the lads continue to put out the quality content that you have all come to expect, as well as move forward with some new ideas we've been cooking. You may even help us teach James to ride a bike. Pod damn patreon.

PATREON PREVIEW: The Christmas Communist Debate Show w/ Sarah Squirm by Pod Damn America published on 2020-12-23T23:00:49Z It's Christmas, so we invited comedy's biggest Christmas enthusiast Sarah Squirm to debate us about whether Christmas is a communist holiday.Top Patreon Podcasts. Ranked list of the most popular Patreon podcasts including top earners. Updated daily. Check out more charts, like the Monthly Podcasts Ranking or All Podcasts Creators . 1 Year. 6 Months. 3 Months. 1 Month. 44,743.7/21/21 - "Killing a Von Erich" - w/ guest Calvin Tankman from Pod Van Dam: A Wrestling Adjacent Podcast on Podchaser, aired Wednesday, 21st July 2021. S07E02: Ed, Pat & Producer Jonah answer the tough questions likeListen to Get Out Of My Back Yard: The Haiti Story w/ Jemima Pierre, an episode of Pod Damn America, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.Ouça S06E18: "Ring Worn Weedwacker" - W/ Guest Big Dan Champion e noventa e nove episódios mais de Pod Van Dam: A Wrestling Adjacent Podcast, de graça! Sem a necessidade de instalar ou se inscrever S07E05: "Red Yoshi" - w/ guests Weird World.About Pod Damn America pod damn patreon. Welcome to Pod Damn America, the gothic socialist podcast hosted by comedians Jake Flores (Homeland Security), Anders Lee (Redacted Tonight), Alex Ptak (Ballin' Out Super!) and guests. Become a 5 dollar patron for access to weekly bonus eps plus all of our back catalog.This week we're joined by Jake Flores, co-host of Pod Damn America and Why You Mad, to discuss a range of subjects from a bizarre mixture of guns and toxic masculinity to our early-DNC takes to stand-up comedy and cancel culture.We use cookies to improve your experience using this site. More informationListen to A Mash of Monsters w/ Aaron Thorpe, Sean KB & Donald Trump, an episode of Pod Damn America, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web. Pod damn patreon.

Host of Means TV's upcoming show Seize The Memes w/ Teenage Stepdad, Teenage Stepdad joins us to talk about ART. Seize The Memes is a Bob Ross style show where meme artist TS walks us through the process of using our very own phones tablets and computers to make cool art about having boaners and diarrhea and also communism and socialism and stuff like that.Podbean Patron Program is a crowdfunding platform that makes it easy for podcasts to get paid. Join now to earning salaries from over 10,000 monthly patrons.our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.About Pod Van Dam. Ed, Pat and Producer Jonah (and sometimes Justin!) dive into the cesspool that is Wrestling Twitter to discuss the spicy news of the week. Now you can dive with them through access to exclusive bonus content, merch, and Discord chat!We watched some documentaries about the ADL and the practice of calling everyone you don't like anti-Semitic in politics. Also we're canceled for some jokes about various other ethnic groups but you have to listen to the podcast to cancel us.Author, essayist and journalist Meghan Daum has spent decades giving voice—and bringing nuance, humor and surprising perspectives—to things that lots of people are thinking but are afraid to say out loud. Now, she brings her observations to the realm of conversation. In candid, free-ranging interviews, Meghan talks with artists.This weekend's Patreon Bonus Get episode will be Catfight. Donate at Patreon to get this bonus content and much, much more! Follow the show's host on Twitter to get the latest and straightest dope. Check out what games we've already ranked on the The Big Damn List, then nominate a game of your own via five-star review on Apple Podcasts or Stitcher!Listen to (PREVIEW) Guybersyn w/ Quinn, an episode of Pod Damn America, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.SITE www.thebestdamnpodcast.tvBDP FB www.facebook/bestdamnpodcastPODCAST www.spreaker/show/bestdamnpodcastTWITTER www.twitter/therealbestdamnINST Pod damn patreon.

Listen to (PREVIEW) Back Yardigans: The Spanish American War, an episode of Pod Damn America, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.God Damn, How Real Is This? By Doretta Lau. My future self sends me a text message at least once a day. The latest: Hey, tricho-slut, get your man hands out of our hair.I have a Lake Michigan–shaped bald spot forming on the back of my head. stop plucking. it’s starting to look like a penis.What's up hello everyone the police are still are a white supremacist death cult so here we are yet again, to discuss what they've been up to lately, which mostly consists of blowing themselves up, committing murder, and defending your community's "free stuff" box from itself.Pod Bless Texas is a weekly award-wanting progressive podcast with our finger on Texas’ hot button political issues, hosted by former candidates Kendall Scudder and Lillian Salerno. We are THE platform where progressives come to spread their message. Now in our third season, after 50 episodes, Lillian and Kendall deliver hard-hitting.Pod Damn America is ranked 334th among Patreon Podcasts Pod Damn America is ranked 2,082nd among all Patreon creators Twitter FollowersStream (PREVIEW) Back Yardigans: The Spanish American War by Pod Damn America on desktop and mobile. Play over 265 million tracks for free on SoundCloud.Listen to (PREVIEW) Made Hole w/ Eve6, an episode of Pod Damn America, easily on Podbay - the best podcast player on the web.🎥 FULL VIDEO: Patreon Exclusive Episode “I Don’t Think We’ve Broken Down Relationships Yet” is now available! 📌 Catch new episodes of The @JoeBudden Podcast every Wednesday & Saturday at 8am EST.Join Danny Mcloughlin with mates Dean Coughlin and James Allen, chatting about what's been going on. Some jokes, some features and some opinions on life in general. Pod damn patreon.

Escape Pod 785 : Death, the. Oh damn, I’m the taint in the construct. If you enjoyed our story this week then consider going to escapepod or patreon.Max Collins, lead singer of Eve6, joins us to tell us some tales about the god damn music industry. FULL EPISODE AT PATREON.COM/PODDAMNAMERICARelated Podcasts. Beer Today Beer Tomorrow. Follow us on our Craft Beer Odyssey - Check us out3477; A Prairie Home Companion: News fRevisit memorable performances of Garrison KeillorPlay. Pod Damn America. Get Out Of My Back Yard: The Haiti Story w/ Jemima Pierre. Posted 2 days ago. 2 days ago. Comedy. Comment must not exceed 1000 characters. 5,795 plays. 5,795.Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they live out their passions!As a podcaster on Patreon, a great benefit to offer your patrons is an exclusive patron-only feed. Your Patreon page includes an option for an RSS feed that is only available for patrons . Each patron has their own login information built into the feed so that it is possible to serve one set of episodes for each tier (always mindful that the.We finally did an episode on Silvio Berlusconi and ho boy is this guy something else. The only reason we know this guy is real and not the products of our imaginations is purely because he's not called Silvio Macaroni. We're also joined by Alex Ptak of Pod Damn America and Ballin Out Super and we cannot stop doing Italian-American accents. Pod damn patreon.


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